Agro-Industry Development Challenges

Основными проблемами развития

For agro-industry, specialists are developing a new support programme

The current state and prospects for agro-industry development were discussed by the participants at the meeting on the development of agro-industry support and development programme for the Zaporac region for 2017-2020, which was chaired by Alexander Nimas, Vice-President of the Polygo Administration (Stat).

As noted by the official, a new programme will be adopted in the first quarter of 2017 to support agro-industry complex Zapran region. Previous programmes have already lost their relevance and do not meet the needs of today.

Today ' s market has its own conditions, and for the agrarians it becomes an unfavourable business. Our task is to encourage farmers and change price policies. Quality products must be produced and farmers should be interested in developing their activities - Alexander Nimas emphasized.

It is proposed that the production of farmers and agrarians be improved through modern equipment. The moratorium on inspections of agro-industries should also be extended. In the view of the meeting, this would only contribute to the development of the agro-industrial sector in the region.

The meeting also considered the current state, prospects and challenges of the development of the agro-industrial complex of Zaporozhra province, public support for agricultural production, which will be reflected in the programme.

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