Agro-Industry Development Programme

Objectives of the State Programme

  1. Ensuring the country ' s food independence in the parameters set by the Democratic Food Security of the Russian Federation.
  2. Improving the competitiveness of Russian agricultural products in domestic and foreign markets through the innovative development of APC.
  3. Ensure the financial sustainability of APC commodity producers.
  4. Reproduction and improvement of agricultural use of land and other resources, green production.
  5. Sustainable rural development.

Co-sponsors of the State Programme

Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision Service, Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Subprogrammes of the State Programme

  1. Sub-programme " Development of plant breeding, processing and marketing " .
  2. Subprogramme on livestock development, livestock processing and marketing.
  3. Subprogramme on small-scale management support.
  4. Subprogramme: Technological and technological upgrading, innovative development.
  5. Subprogramme on " Training for the implementation of the activities of the State Programme " .
  6. Subprogramme on the implementation of the public programme.

Programmatic and target tools of the State Programme

  • Federal special programme on Socio-Sélène Village until 2013.
  • Federal programme on sustainable rural development for 2014-2017 and 2020 (project).
  • Federal special programme " Development of the meliorization of Russian agricultural land up to 2020 " (project).

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