Agro-Industry Development Prospects

Перспективы развития

The Government of the Tver Region is creating an enabling environment for integrated rural development and improved quality of life in rural areas, further development of the agricultural productive base, successful investment projects, the introduction of innovative technologies and the involvement of young professionals.

Since 2013, State support for agricultural producers has been provided through the State programme of the Tower Region ' s Rural Area for 2013-2018. The main objectives of the subprogramme are: enhancing product competitiveness agro-industry complex In the domestic market and sustainable rural development.

The main areas of State support for agricultural producers in the Tver region within the framework of the State programme are elite seedlings, unrelated support for crop production, prevention of agricultural outflows through cropwork, support for tribal livestock, milk production, reduced livestock insurance and crop production, support for the human capital of agricultural organizations.

Support primarily has a significant positive impact on improving the financial and economic status of enterprises, creating conditions for increasing agricultural production and improving its quality.

In 2015, funding for the support of the TKA in the State programme was 1,764, 9 million roubles, including 353, 7 million roubles from the regional budget, and 1,411, 2 million roubles from the federal budget.

Thus, the implementation of the activities of the State Programme, together with new approaches to the provision of public support to agricultural producers, will lead to a higher quality of the agricultural sector by increasing the production of agricultural products and achieving the planned indicators.

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