Agro-Industry Development Strategy

разрабатывается стратегия

RIA News/Prim. A long-term strategy for the development of the agro-industry complex of Russia is needed, but it must be specific, not paper-based paper-based, by President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation at the ONF forum on Tuesday.

"I need to have a strategy like this, so that she's not deadly so that it's not just on paper. Let's take a look with you, together with the expert community, to think about this, I have nothing against it, said Putin, in response to a proposal by one of the participants in the forum to develop a longer-term programme for agricultural development in Russia.

"I don't want to fertilize paper for paper, but if you think there should be some long-term orientation and that would be beneficial to industry development, let's do it, of course," added the President of the Russian Federation.

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