Challenges To The Development Of Agro-Industrial Complex In Russians

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scientific work on " Basic legal issues of the State regulation of agro-industrial complex Russia." Scientific article on economic science

Principal legal problems of State regulation of the agro-industrial complex of Russia
E. A. Galinovsky
The importance of the agricultural sector for the economic development of Russian society has been reflected in the adoption of a priority national project on the development of APC. The implementation of the main objectives set by the project is to reassess the methods of State support and public participation in the APC, to identify and develop basic conceptual approaches for updating the State regulatory processes of one of the major sectors of the Russian economy.
In studying agrarian legal relations, legal science pays particular attention to the integration of agriculture into legal regulation, the impact of law and legislation on agrarian market formation and the removal of agriculture from a crisis situation. However, the problem of legal methods for regulating agrarian production remains the most important. The topic of State regulation has been one of the main topics in the drafting of the federal law on agricultural development.1 Equally relevant is this topic in addressing the issue of the delineation of State support responsibilities between the Russian Federation, Russian Federation entities
Galinovsky Helena Anatolyevna is the leading researcher of ISIS, the candidate for legal sciences.
1 The author of the article is a member of the working group on the drafting of the bill.
Local Government; in the design and implementation of investment projects for APC; in the discussion of Russia ' s accession to WTO. It may be said that several main areas of State participation in the regulation of agrarian relations have been re-emphasized recently.
In addition to the basic ideas of agrarian reform related to the separation and privatization of property and the reorganization of agricultural enterprises, these are:
Continuation of structural changes in the agricultural sector and related clarification of the legal situation of agricultural producers (agricultural cooperatives and peasant (farmer) farms, particularly); determination of the special conditions for participation of agricultural producers in financial relations, including taxation and financial support for agricultural producers; and public regulation of individual. ♪ ♪

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