Department Of Agro-Industry Development

Инвест проекты; Аналитическая

(Signed) Pálkov Alexander Victorovic

The main tasks of the Office are:

  • Develop projects of the State agricultural development programmes of the Belgorod region, other regional targeted, cost-effective regional programmes in the area of APC, aimed at improving the efficiency of APC, improving the economic links between agricultural producers, processors and service providers, and providing economic support for targeted APC development programmes.
  • Analysis and forecasting of the economic development of APC in the region.
  • Public support for agro-industry.
  • Provide guidance on accounting in agro-industry enterprises and organizations.
  • Maintenance of cost-effective regional programmes, regional target programmes and investment projects in the APC area.
  • Interaction with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, provincial authorities, local governments, agro-industry enterprises on forecasting the development of APC, public support and financial recovery

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