Development Of The Agro-Industry Complex 2014 - 2020

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The State programme " Development of the agro-industry and consumer market in the Vologna region for 2013-2020 " has been implemented in the region since 2013. It comprises 17 subprogrammes aimed at developing crop production, livestock and fishery, processing industries, small-scale rural agriculture, sustainable rural development.

For the year, five agricultural organizations and two CFCs in the amount of 3,9 million roubles received subsidies for unrelated crop support. A total of 7,087 hectares were planted in 2015, including 2,133 ha, 4,952 ha, potatoes 2 ha.

Agricultural producers of the region received subsidies for 1 litre of milk produced in the amount of 3, 8 million krubs. This type of support is provided to 5 farms in the area. Funding under the " Livestock development " subprogramme was 6, 2 million roubles, under the " Vegetable development " subprogramme 2, 6 million rubles.

A total of 25,9 million cuts of government support have been received by agricultural enterprises and LPH in various areas.

In the territory of the Poreb Rural settlement, CFC plans to feed a young CRS. For this purpose, CFC received a grant of 5,8 million rubbles, its own investment of 3.8 million rubbles, the project will be implemented for two years.

In 2015, the subprogramme " Sustainable development of rural areas of the Vologna region for 2014-2017 and for the period up to 2020 " and the municipal programme " Sustainable development of rural areas of the Chagodoz region of the Volog region for 2014-2017 and 2020 " continued.

The objectives of the subprogramme are:

Improving the housing conditions of the rural population and providing affordable housing for young families and young rural professionals;

- Improving the level of social infrastructure and the engineering of rural settlements;

- Granting support to local initiatives of citizens living in rural areas.

The construction of an individual housing unit has been completed in the Pervomai village. The current year ' s programme, in terms of improving housing conditions, recognizes the mechanics of the " Truth " , has translated the subsidy for the construction of the house into its account.

In 2015:

  • Sports - playground in the white crosses of the Belocrest rural settlement
  • Gas distribution to Dr. Gorka Megri village settlement.

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