Special Features Of Agro-Industry Development

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The main focus of international agro-industry integration in the current context is to address the major global challenge of today, the growing food needs of the world ' s people.
The process of developing agro-industrial integration and the formation of APC has advanced well in industrialized countries, particularly in the United States.
In an infinitely lesser way, this process is taking place in the developing world, where, along with the general trends and patterns of its manifestations, specific features and forms are emerging that are linked to the significant underdevelopment of the agro-industry of the liberated countries and their economic dependence on the West.
In most developing countries, TNCs play an important role in this regard, which are integrated. This is due to many factors, including the fact that TNCs, by establishing their processing industries in developing countries, are bringing together the forms and practices that have emerged in their home States.
The intensification of agricultural production in recent decades has continued to determine the extent of gross cereal products in the group of industrialized countries. Urban agriculture, like agriculture in general, has essentially become part of the economy. agro-industry complexwhere direct agricultural production is closely linked to the processing, storage and disposal of products, as well as to the provision of agricultural inputs. The intensification of the world ' s grain production will continue to prevail, as this path alone can mitigate the crisis in the supply of food to the growing world population.
Archaic forms of agriculture and land use have continued in many developing countries, and progressive agrarian reforms have been delayed. The production of crops in many of them, especially in Africa, remains highly dependent on weather conditions. The development of cereal production in a group of developing countries is becoming. ♪ ♪

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