Strategy For The Development Of Agro-Industry Complex Of Raph 2020

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The successes of the agro-industry policy of the Bryan region have been examined by the Federation Council

On 15 November, the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Agrarian Food Policy and Environmental Management, Michael Schetinininin, held an extended meeting of the Committee. Discussions were held on the preparation of a " government hour " at the SF meeting on 16 November on " Preliminary results of the State Programme for the Development of Agriculture and the Regulation of Agricultural Markets, Commodities and Food for 2013-2020 " .

The event was attended by the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Alexander Tchakev.

The meeting was also attended by members of the Federation Council Committee on Agrarian Food Policy and Environmental Management, Vice-Governor of the Bryan Region, Alexander Rezunkov, Deputy Governor Yuriy Mokrenko, Director of the Bryan Region Agriculture Department, Boris Gribanov, Forest Manager of the Bryan Region, Vladimir Kotenkov, Executive Heads of the Bryan Region.

Referring to the meeting, Alexander Tkaev noted that agriculture had shown growth of more than three per cent over the past three years.

♪ There is every reason to say that 2017 will be quite successful for us. Moreover, by putting in place today ' s projects, we are producing volumes of production, product products, and thus creating future growth, creating a competitive environment within Russia, supporting our agricultural producers and saturating the market for domestic food, the Minister said.

He said that, for five to seven years, by type, nine to ten years, it would be possible to close completely the shortage of food items.

Alexander Tchakev also reported that Russia will produce about 117 million tons of cereal for the first time this year. " This is a huge victory and merit for agricultural producers. " Livestock development is under way: the current year has already achieved a target of up to 5 per cent, with pork meat production increasing by 10 per cent, poultry meat, vegetable production increasing, and the Minister informed.

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