Agro-Industrial Workers ' Day

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Creation of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan R.N.Minnihanov with the Day of Agriculture and Processing

The esteemed springs are down!

Respected Agro-industrial workers!

I congratulate you on your remarkable event, the day of the agricultural and processing industry!

Of course, for the Tatarstan Agrarians, the current agricultural year was very difficult. First, our republic has been exposed to prolonged and low temperatures critical to cultural plants in the midst of abundance, and secondly, an unusual atmospheric and soil drought. If, on average, 30 billion roubles of output were received annually from agriculture, it would now be less than 10 billion roubles. Undoubtedly, this is the strongest blow to the dynamic agro-industrial complex of Tatarstan.

It is worth noting that measures have been taken in the Republic to reduce the negative impact of natural disasters. Moreover, there is tremendous support, especially for livestock conservation.

In the coming year, additional irrigated land is scheduled to be put into operation with State support, where guaranteed vegetable and potato yields will be grown. These actions are planned to ensure the needs of the population.

Despite the fact that the year had been very heavy for agriculture, there was a need for sustained livestock development. A key challenge for the coming period is the retention of livestock, its productivity, the production of livestock and the financial sustainability of APC enterprises.

As part of the implementation of the target programme " The development of agriculture for 2008-2012 " , the republic has given new impetus to livestock raising, small-scale rural farming and rural housing construction. Stress that the extensive construction of modern livestock complexes, megapherms and feeding sites, continues in Tatarstan. This is where advanced technologies are used, and large-scale technological upgrading is under way to improve the economic efficiency of agricultural production. In addition, lending to small and medium-sized enterprises in rural areas is increasing.

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