Agro-Industry And Processing Day

Минсельхозпрод Республики

Buryatia will mark the Agro-Industry Workers ' Day

Since the end of October, the Republic of Burya has a month of APC. The Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Burya is organizing the celebrations. The monthly activities of APC were held in virtually all parts of the Republic and will end in the capital city of Ulaan Uday.

During the month, new milk processing facilities were opened in Zacamen, Tunkin, Ivolgin districts, specialized republican and district agricultural fairs, exhibitions and many others. In each district of the Republic of Burya, the municipality was observed. Agro-industrial workers ' day and manufacturing.

The month ' s culmination of the APC will be an exhibition of municipal entities, to be held on 23 November in the Fizculture Sports Complex, as well as a republican meeting and a celebratory event on 24 November in the theatre of the H. Namsarev Burat drama.

For example, on 23 November, from 10 to 18 hours, in the municipal fair, residents and guests of the capital of Buryatia will be able to purchase meat, dairy, fish products, national dishes from baranine and beef, all possible meat and fish delicts, bread, candy and cooking products, honey, dicoros, preservatives, vegetables and fruit. The FSC street site will be organized by the Measles series on the sale of meat, subproducts, dicoros and the exhibition of specialized equipment and equipment.

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