Agro-Industry Day 2016

День работников сельского хозяйства УкраиныThe economic independence of the country depends on the state of agriculture (Foto: A7880S, Shutterstock) Agriculture Workers ' Day (grunts) " The Day of Privatism " is celebrated every year in Ukraine on the third Sunday of November, pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 428/93 of 7 October 1993. This is a professional holiday for agricultural workers, agricultural raw materials processing facilities, food industry, manufacturing and maintenance enterprises and agro-industry organizations.

In the era of the Soviet Union, Ukraine was called the " dormant " of States. The main agricultural products in Ukraine were and remain sugar beet, potatoes, milk, meat and cereals.

Following the break-up of the Soviet Union, agricultural and agrarian reforms have begun. New tasks, mechanisms and monitoring bodies were needed to work in a coherent and clear manner in the reform process. In connection with the new tasks, the Presidential Decree of 7 June 2000 approved the regulations on the Ministry of Agrarian Policy.
Today, Ukraine is continuing to reform the agricultural sector. The economic independence of the country, the well-being of its citizens, the health of the nation, the well-being of present and future generations depend directly on the state of affairs in this sector.

This one. Workers ' Day Ukraine ' s agriculture not only congratulates on their professional holidays, but also rewards various gifts and awards of the most distinguished.

Rural women account for more than a quarter of the world ' s population. They play a leading role in food production and in promoting rural stability. Not only in industrialized countries, but also in developing countries. Besides. ♪ ♪

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