Agro-Industry Denomination

Sergei Brazgalov, Director of the IGO " Taletz " , PS titleAPC of Russia. A commemoration of the Day of Agriculture and Processing was held in Peri.

The holidays were attended by the leaders of the country ' s manufacturing and manufacturing enterprises, the heads of municipal entities, the heads of the peasant (farmer) farms, the heads of industry unions, Agro-industrial workers♪ The Governor of the Permsky Province, Victor Basarguin, congratulated the APC workers in the region on Agriculture and Processing Day.

The best employees of the Agro-Industrial Complex of the Perm Province received government awards from the Governor. Sergei Brazgalov, Director of the IPF-Telec, Kungur, also received the title " Honorary worker of the Russian Federation " . Gramoths were also received by Andrei Dengin, Director of the Kungur Agricultural College and Michael Oparin, Director of the Savle Agrophyrma from the Kungur district.

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