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ФГБОУ ДПО Институт
Professor, a well-deserved high school worker, honorary professional officer of the Russian Federation

Workplace: 41 years
including pedagogical (pedagogical): No data

Place of work:
Department of Management and Science and Technology

Director, Institute for Supplementary Vocational Education.

Vladimir Ivanovich born in 1952. In 1975, the Novosibir State University, Faculty of Humanitarian Affairs, University of History. A total of 34 years of service. 20 years of employment in the supplementary vocational education system.

Started working as a teacher of secondary school history in 1975.

During the course of his activities, he worked in the Komsomol and party bodies, the Deputy Head of the Faculty of Advanced Training of the Academy of the Public Service, the Director of the Siberia Training Centre, which trained public and municipal officials in the Siberia region. In 2004, the Federal State Educational Institution was headed by an additional professional training institution for specialists from the Novosibir Regional Institute for Retraining and Upgrading Management and Professionals of APC. At present, following a reorganization by joining the Novosibir State Agrarian University (Misselhose Order No. 224) of the Russian Federation, the Managing Director of the Separate Structure Unit, the Institute for Supplementary Vocational Education of the GHOI " NGAU " , is the Director-General.

Vladimir Ivanovic, at a high level, organizes the Institute ' s leadership, focusing on science communication and practice. The permanent participant in local, regional and international conferences and seminars, regularly publishes articles in scientific and methodological compendiums on the development of modern education, improves their qualifications annually. There are over 60 scientific work in modern vocational education, including four monographs.

In 2003, he was awarded a Ph.D. degree in Philosophy, in 2007 he was selected as an associate member of RAEN, in 2009 as an Academic of RAEN.

As leader, Parshikov V.I. has valuable business qualities, the ability to prioritize complementary vocational education, the search for new educational approaches and the development of skills. With its direct participation, over the past three years, more than 11,000 managers and specialists have been retrained and trained agro-industry complex Siberia Federal District.

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