Agro-Industry Workers

труженики села, работники

On 3 November, in Uf, the Head of Bashkortostan, Rustham Hamitov, awarded State awards to agro-industry and food workers. Mechanizers, tractors, managers of businesses and enterprises, agronomists, livestock and others are among the rewards. Orders, signs of distinction, honours, ranks and thankful letters were received by 40 people.

Rustham Hamitov's speech tag:

Hierle Koln, !dra!erle du!tar! Good afternoon, dear friends!

Today, we are awarding public awards to the Republic of Bashkortostan by agro-industrial workers. I want to congratulate you on the awards, wish you health, further success in your difficult, sometimes hard work.

The rewards you receive are totally deserved. You've proven hard to work for real. Of course, we want you to be equal to everyone around you, including the young generation.

In our Republic, good cereal yields have been produced this year. We have good indicators in many areas of agriculture. We'll try to make these numbers grow in all respects. This is about grain production, meat, milk. We care about all the work of our agrarians.

The Republic's help is important. And today, we operate on billions of roubles that go to agriculture. This help will increase, which will be a good help for our agro-industry to develop.

I suggest we start the award ceremony. Once again, I wish you all the best.

Congratulations again! I hope you continue to work exactly the same way. In anticipation of the holiday, I would like to wish you and your families a good mood and all the best. Hello, happiness, success! Ta!al!, !link!

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