District Committee Of The Agro-Industry Union

On 8 November, a meeting of the Veydellevsky Trade Union and trade union and asset training was held.

The Chief of Administration of APC, Environmental Management and Rural Development of the Administration of the Veydeliev District participated in the work of the Rajcoma Sergei Alexandrovich Shevchenko.

The President of the Veydeleev District Organization of the Tatyana Alekseevna Trade Union invited members of the Trade Union, trade union chairs, treasuries, members of the supervisory and audit boards, the chairmen of the Youth Councils and the district trade union activist, as well as heads of regional enterprises and organizations that have not yet established primary trade union organizations.

The Belgorod Regional Organization of the Trade Union represented: Vice-President of the Valentine Ivanovna Harebin Regional Organization, head of the organizational and information office, Elena Anatolevna Lugovskaya, Chief Finance Officer, Rais Nikolaevna Merzliqin, Chief Technical Inspector Igor Alexandrovich Litovchenko.

The President of the Veydeli District Organization of the Trade Union T.A. Anikanova spoke about the motivation of trade union membership in the organizations of the region.

The new chair of the regional youth council was elected by Evgeny Andreevich Scherban, Deputy Director of Administration and Management of OGAPOU, Veydeliev Agrotechnic Technician, Gryzev V.M.

As a result of the meeting, a decision was taken to revitalize the primary activities. trade union organizations and their financial strengthening.

The training of trade union staff and assets began. The Vice-President of the Belgorod Regional Organization of the Trade Union of Valentine Ivanovna Haribin opened and hosted the seminar. The theme of her report was “Social Partnership as an essential mechanism for the protection of trade unions. Modern technologies for effective negotiation. "

E.A. Lugovsky presented organizational and information work in primary trade union organizations.

The Chief of Finance, R.N.Merzlikina, provided information on accounting in the primary trade union organizations.

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