Regional Committee Of The Trade Union Of Agro-Industry Workers

214000, Smolensk, Lenin, 13a

Azarov Nikolay Ivanović

On 10 November, a trade union activist in the Smolene region met with M.V. Shmakov, President of the FNR

This is the longest-awaited event in October at the Smole State Agricultural Academy - Education for students in 2016.

On 29 September 2016, a meeting of the Presidium of the Smole Regional Organization of the Trade Union was held, at which the question of participation in the All-Russian Trade Union Action on 7 October " For decent work " was considered.

On 12 September, an expanded meeting of the Bureau of the Smole Regional Organization of the Trade Union took place

On 1 July, the trade union committee of the GOBS, the " Public Veterinary Service of the Smole region " (chair of O.M. Pakusev), organized an attractive bus to members of the Trade Union at the Hmelita Museum, the birth name of writer A.S. Griboedov.

On 22 June, a meeting (IV plenary) of the Smolen Regional Committee of the Trade Union took place

May 14th The Smolenian trade union, the regional organizations of industry trade unions, the students ' associations of the Smolensk higher education establishments, the regional association of physical and cultural and sports organizations of trade unions organized XII Spartakiad among students of the Smolensk university. Sports event on the 55th anniversary of the flight of U.A. Gagarin to space, which took place at the Spartacus Station

On 25 April 2016, in the central area of V.I.Lenin in Smolenske, agricultural workers of the student mechanized agricultural unit, Smallen Niva 2016, were held in 13 agricultural organizations in 9 districts. All 17 villagers are members of the Trade Union

On 14 December 2015, a joint meeting of the Round Table of the Committee of the Smole Regional Duma on Agro-Industry and the Smole Regional Organization of the Trade Union was held on the theme " Implementing the activities envisaged by the State programme " Agricultural development and regulation of agricultural, commodity and food markets in the Smole region " for 2014-2020 "

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