Scenario Of Agro-Industry Workers

День работника сельского хозяйстваAnimals, farmers!
Today is your holiday, friends.
You love all your heart.
And on this day, I wish:
Hello, happy for years,
Smile always,
And let the weather predict.
Good for work.

Agriculture is Russia's horses!
The Russian farm is strong.
You're not a warrior in the field, you're the master,
In the field, you'll meet a party with a wind on a date!

Well, after the wind, we'll congratulate you!
In short worship, we wish you:
The joy of the sun, the joy of the rain,
And get the fuck out of the field!

It's time for the fall,
The harvest is full:
And grain and vegetables
Enough for 100 winter days.

So congratulations to your friends,
Hard-working agricultural workers.
We want to live to 100,
A full cup of house to always be.

The Cormilles and the Villagers are ours!
What do you want with all these poems?
Who, besides you, does the country smell?
Who's the real one from the soda?
Don't waste your hands on the hydration,
Don't know the celebrity of mind...
All of you with the day of agriculture.
Happy to congratulate us now!

On the gold fields, wheat,
There's a herd on pastures.
And the villagers have a bronze, faces,
Because every day is suffering.

They feed us tirelessly,
They supply bread, milk.
And we are grateful,
Congratulations on their great day!

With the day of the hard worker
Happy and sweet.
We wish you a lot.
Different wealth:
Tractors, companions, money
And a big CAMAS.
We also wish you,
To be healthy,
Being happy and fun,
And live with love.

Agriculture feeds the whole country,
Thanks for the bread and milk!
Happy holiday, Agriculture Day!
Get your mark high!
It's hard work, not all of it,
Every year, it's hard to suffer.
Hello, thieves and strength,
Joy and happiness forever!

You, my brother, are on the pouch,
I sowed the faces, the tournaps, the peas,
And think about it the day yesterday.
I couldn't talk about today.

Living in large and different jobs
And I didn't feel any change,
That your party will come
It's not just shit.

The day came, the agro worker,
Have fun, get drunk!
Life will be like a viagra!
By the way, you have seeds!

He was the King of the Estrada,
Sing pops and rock ballads.
From his guitars.
I came to the ecstasy.
I loved him so much!

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