Trade Union Organization Of Agro-Industry Workers

06.07.2016 года в малом зале

Today ' s young people are mostly educated, and they need literacy, multi-faceted motivation and education to develop a mature, constructive approach and understanding of their role in society. Trade unions take part of this work, as there is no future for the country, trade unions or enterprises without youth.

Every year, the Purma Furniture responds to the invitation of the Permi City Administration to participate in the " Best City Enterprise for Productivity and Social Affairs " competition

Sila is united! Under this motto, 250 participants in the Forum of Presidents of the Primary Trade Union Organizations of all Pyamya Industries were gathered in the Suhareva Sports Complex on 16 November 2016. In addition to the President of the Perm Krassoprof S. N. Buldašová, the Forum was attended by the Governor of the Perm Province, V.F. Basargin

On 17 November 2016, on the eve of the Prikamya Trade Union Day, the fourth plenary of the Council of the Perm Krai Union of Trade Union Organizations of the Perm Kraesprof was held

More than 600 people went to the May Perm province to another protest meeting organized and conducted by the primary trade union organization Swinokmplex Permsky and villagers. The protesters protested the actions of the employer, the bankrupt and destroying enterprise, and therefore the villages themselves with the tacit consent and de facto inaction of the authorities of the region

The Prikamiya trade unions participated in the All-Russian Trade Unions ' Action Day for Decent Work!

" The development of the village is the cause of the young " , under such a motto in the Perm region, the V World Youth Forum was held. The event was organized by the Provincial Ministry of Agriculture and Food, as well as the Regional Office of the Russian Union of Rural Youth

On 9-10 September 2016, a further XVI tourist flights of teams from trade union organizations were carried out by the Sputnik children ' s health camp in Yanychi Per province. agro-industry complex

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